Flexiplex is a dietary supplement, a natural anti-inflammatory that prevents and alleviates joint disorders.



Flexiplex is an extract of green-lipped mussel from New Zealand. This extract contains unique active ingredients which are extremely effective as:

  • an effective natural treatment for all forms of osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis in both humans and animals.
  • a treatment for people who are physically active or participate in sports but suffer from joint and muscle fatigue and/or wish to protect their joint cartilage.
  • all those suffering from joint pain or stiffness. 

General information

Osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis are both disabling diseases.

Osteoarthritis involves wear and tear on the cartilage in joints which leads to mechanical problems. Once the cartilage is significantly thinned, this gives rise to congestion and inflammation accompanied by joint pain and stiffness. The pain of osteoarthritis is mostly felt when mobilising and it is alleviated by rest. The person’s symptoms are usually worse under conditions such as lower atmospheric pressure, cold and wet weather and when spending time in damp conditions or during rainy periods. It is referred to as a barosensitive condition.
Osteoarthritis may occur at various levels in the spinal column (in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine). This may give rise to a risk of cervicobrachial (neck and arm) or cervico-occipital (neck and head) neuralgia if the problem occurs high in the spine.

Thoracic osteoarthritis is common among sedentary people because it is made worse by working in a seated position and often associated with posture and alignment problems (scoliosis, thoracic kyphosis).

Acute and chronic lumbar back pain (wrongly referred to as «kidney pain»), sciatica, groin pain, disc pathology and discarthrosis are specific manifestations of osteoarthritis in the lower back.

Other sites are much rarer (shoulder, ankle etc.). and are associated with prior trauma.

Inflammatory arthritis is a disease that involves inflammation of the joints. It may affect one or more joints with acute or chronic symptoms, presenting with a triad of symptoms that are characteristic of a local inflammatory process: «calor – tumor – dolor» (heat – swelling – pain). There are many different causes. This inflammatory process is usually accompanied by swelling or fluid, and the pain is more severe at rest (at night). It is alleviated by movement (morning stiffness). From a clinical perspective, inflammatory arthritis is accompanied by a biological inflammatory syndrome which can be measured as an increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP (C-reactive protein) and by the presence of inflammatory joint fluid.

Forms of inflammatory arthritis include: rheumatoid arthritis (RA) - ankylosing spondylarthritis – psoriatic arthritis – connective tissue diseases (collagen diseases) – systemic lupus erythematosus - forms of inflammatory arthritis following infections and reactive arthritis which occurs when an infection directly affects a joint, causing inflammation.

There are also forms of microcrystalline arthritis which must not be confused with gout (deposition of crystals within joints), another painful inflammatory condition that results from excess uric acid.

!!! Flexiplex is contraindicated in case of gout!!!

The inflammatory phenomenon

The green-lipped mussel has anti-inflammatory effects which influence the inflammatory process on multiple levels.

  • First anti-inflammatory action: they contain a complex carbohydrate which can inhibit the migration of neutrophils out of blood vessels. This migration is an important inflammatory process. When the body comes under attack, it is vital for neutrophils to move to the site of the inflammation to destroy the pathogen. Repeated recruitment of neutrophils on a massive scale, however, is harmful to tissues.
  • Second anti-inflammatory action: the green-lipped mussel contains certain long-chain fatty acids which act on cyclooxygenase. Cyclo-oxygenases (COX) are enzymes used by the body for biosynthesis of prostaglandins. There are two forms of cyclo-oxygenases (COX).
  • COX 1: a natural component in tissues which has important functions in the body.
  • COX 2: this is induced by an inflammatory condition such as an inflammatory arthritis. This chronic inflammatory state generates pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. It is preferable to stop this excessive enzyme activity. This is done by antiinflammatory medications (NSAIDs). Unfortunately, these inhibit both COX 1 and COX 2. The result is therefore a deficiency in the prostaglandins which are needed to protect the mucous membranes in the stomach and support kidney function.

Uses and properties of Flexiplex

  • Flexiplex has the huge advantage that it selectively inhibits the activity of COX 2 without interfering with the action of COX 1. Flexiplex also has an impact on the activity of LOX (lipooxygenase) which is responsible for production of leukotrienes.
  • Flexiplex is therefore able to provide natural gastro-protection. This food supplement thus makes it possible to alleviate the inflammatory symptoms associated with arthritis while protecting the stomach from the harmful effects of certain (analgesic) drugs which are prescribed for patients.
  • Flexiplex offers protection for the joints.
    The green-lipped mussel naturally contains glycosaminoglycans. These substances have an important role in generating and repairing cartilage. The structure of glycosaminoglycans contains glucosamine molecules. These are used in the body for biosynthesis of components called proteoglycans. Proteoglycans are filler molecules which make up the extracellular matrix. They have a strong affinity for water, and when they swell up they fill the empty spaces in the physical structures of the body. This occurs in the spaces surrounding the joint cavities. These molecules act as shock absorbers and lubricants for the joint surfaces.

Conclusion on Flexiplex

Flexiplex is not only an anti-inflammatory but it also protects and rebuilds cartilage surfaces.
This means that it alleviates the inflammatory aspect of osteoarthritis while also having a chondroprotective function to support the joints.

Flexiplex for animals

This mussel extract is extremely effective in animals, particularly dogs, cats and racehorses with arthritis who also have worn cartilage.

Recommendations for the use of Flexiplex in animals

Anti-inflammatory action: 17 milligrams per kilo of body weight for several months.


There are certain products available that «imitate» this extract. Unfortunately these are not as beneficial. It is therefore necessary to be certain that it is an authentic green-lipped mussel extract obtained by lyophilisation.
This is because when the mussel dies the efficacy of its anti-inflammatory active substances declines rapidly. The extraction process therefore not only needs to be appropriate, but it also needs to be done quickly. Lyophilised mussel powders which are manufactured from frozen mussel meat, for example, have a hugely reduced antiinflammatory effect.

As for products presented in the form of oily capsules, these are usually obtained using solvents and only contain a fraction of the lipids extracted from the mussels.

Products of this type will usually have a therapeutic effect, but this will be reduced because the product does not contain all the active substances which are available in complete extracts such as Flexiplex.

Usage tips

  • Anti-inflammatory action: two capsules daily (morning and evening with meals) for six months. If the results are inadequate: in some cases four capsules daily are needed initially (one, two or three weeks, or even for one or two months in the case of a long-standing problem). Once the pain and inflammation have settled, two capsules daily are sufficient.
  • Maintaining the benefits: once the pain and inflammation have settled, one capsule daily (in the morning with food) is sufficient. Some people do, however, have to continue taking two capsules daily.


One capsule contains: 500 mg of powdered Perna Canaliculus (green-lipped mussel from New Zealand - mollusc without shell) - Edible gelatine 96 mg. Gross weight of capsule: 596 mg.


Box of 60 capsules


  • FlexiPlex can be combined with anti-inflammatory and other medications and also with other food supplements (such as glucosamine for osteoarthritis). Contraindications for Flexiplex: - Gout - Shellfish allergies: caution is required in people with allergies of this type. In case of uncertainty: start by taking 1 capsule daily.
  • This dried mollusc extract is obtained by lyophilisation. This process appears to respect the active effects of the original substances extremely well.

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60 gél.
500 mg of powdered Perna Canaliculus (green-lipped mussel from New Zealand - mollusc without shell) - Edible gelatine 96 mg.

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