About HOD

Health Optimisation Devices (HOD) distributes a range of innovative, natural products with real therapeutic effects. These nutritional supplements are based on scientific evidence and offer real solutions to many of the diseases and degenerative conditions that are prevalent in our society but can be difficult to treat using traditional medicine and alternative therapies.

The LIPOSOME PRO LINE range consists of products that have been designed using liposomal technology. This new way of delivering treatment involves encapsulating the active substance in protective liposomes. These allow them to act directly on cells. The active substances are coated in a phospholipid layer and are consequently not affected by the various enzymes or digestive juices. They are carried by the blood into the deepest recesses of the body where they can then merge with cell membranes. Liposomes release their active substances directly into cells, giving them a targeted effectiveness because they are able to act directly in the heart of the cell.

The other nutritional supplements from HOD have specific effects on major diseases such as: Parkinson’s disease (A-Tremorine, S-adenosylmethionine SAME), diabetes (Berberine) or cancer (Phycosens).

The minerals (Zinc lozenges, Magnesium, Selenomethionine) and vitamins (B-Vitamins Complex) in the range have all been linked to organic carriers selected to maximise their bioavailability. Products based on kelp and algae are also included because of their detoxifying properties (Metout) and their energising, anti-inflammatory and oxygenating effects (Phycosens).

The entire range is fully compatible with specific diets (vegetarian, vegan etc.) and with all other (chemical or natural) treatments and therapies.

All the ingredients have been carefully selected to avoid creating new sources of pollution. The products contain no toxic additives or sweeteners and no allergenic substances such as gluten or lactose, and they are free from trace amounts of heavy metals. Their completely natural formulations have been carefully designed by a sophisticated medical and scientific team to prevent undesirable effects and dependency.